Shield Pro (700g)Shield Pro (700g)


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A new revolution in paving and surface protection! 

Never jet wash, never scrub, never seal again. Quick and easy to use, Block Blitz Shield multi-surface treatment is designed to be used on new and clean surfaces. This unique eco-friendly product ensures you will never have to clean your paving again. 

Surfaces: most types of outdoor surface.

Not suitable with some type of metal/alloys.

Protects from dirt, grime, stains, UV radiation, bio film formation.

How it works: after applying Block Blitz Shield onto the desired surface the solution forms Micro Mineral compounds that provide a protective guard from dirt, grime, mould, moss, algae and weeds. The Micro Mineral compounds sit upon and within the surface structure. 

Never seal, never scrub, never jet wash.

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