Welcome to Block Blitz

Block Blitz are a market leading brand in outdoor cleaning products, launched in 2016, we have become synonymous when it comes to developing non toxic, eco friendly, multi surface treatments that are safe and effective for commercial and domestic use.

Our products are available to purchase through market leading shopping channels and distributers throughout the UK and Europe.

The Block Blitz Range

Block Blitz® Eco Cleaner products are self-cleaning outdoor surface treatments, made from powerful mineral and plant-based formulas.

Block Blitz® Shield Eco Protector is designed to be used on new and clean surfaces, this unique eco friendly product ensures you will never have to seal or clean paving again.

Block Blitz® Pro is the perfect eco-friendly solution for areas of commercial/industrial paving and outdoor surfaces.

What is Block Blitz?

Block Blitz designs and develops highly effective and environmentally friendly outdoor surface treatment that clean, control and protect with remarkable results.

Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK, Block Blitz products can be used on various outdoor surfaces; block paving, gravel & decorative aggregates, artificial grass, tarmac, paving slabs, decking and more!

Our unique products are powder based, super concentrated and made from dynamic mineral and plant based formulas. Any synthetic chemicals used have been carefully selected so that the finished products have a lower impact on the environment.

Just add water! All our powdered products are hydrated on site by the user. The non abrasive treatments will clean dirt, grime, staining and black spots, deterring moss, algae and weed growth for up to 6 months.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional methods of cleaning, Block Blitz uses Eco Clean Technology™ to self clean outdoor surfaces. It’s Simple! The dissolved solution is easily applied and on contact with the surface it gets to work agitating particles of dirt, grime and organic debris, which are slowly washed away by natural rainfall.

No physical or mechanical action is required, just apply the product and walk away. It’s that simple. Block Blitz will continually protect surfaces repelling dirt and grime for 6 – 12 months. It also contains advanced mineral protection thanks to the addition of Block Blitz Shield Technology resulting in protection from UV radiation.

See it to believe it!

Artificial Grass


Artificial grass with build up of dirt, grime, moss and algae including various forms of weed growth


After 2 treatments and spot weed/moss treatment with Block Blitz Go Weed, build up of dirt and grime has been removed, moss has broken down and dispersed and organic growth has disappeared.

Block Paving


Moss and weed growth in joint areas, ingrained dirt, and mould. Established black and white lichen spots.

After 1 treatment

Along with the use of Block Blitz Go Weed to break down the weeds and moss.

After 2 treatments

Organic debris disappearing, black and white lichen spots breaking down.

After 4 treatments

After 4 treatments, original colour of pavers restored, finished with fresh sweeping in sand.


Let’s Talk Eco

Our powdered products are super Eco Friendly, non-toxic and have a low environmental impact. We strongly believe in providing effective and sustainable cleaning solutions for your home, garden and commercial environment.

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