About Us

Who We Are

Block Blitz are a market leading brand in outdoor cleaning products. With over 30 years of experience in the building maintenance, construction and chemical industries we have become synonymous when it comes to developing non toxic, eco friendly, multi surface cleaning products that are safe and effective for both commercial and domestic use.

Our products are available to purchase through market leading shopping channels and distributors throughout the UK and Europe and from our website, amazon and eBay.

The Block Blitz brand and original product were first launched in the summer of 2016. This new innovative company is based in Lincolnshire; where all products are developed and manufactured on-site. Block Blitz is an effective and environmentally friendly outdoor surface treatment that cleans with remarkable results. This new British brand is quickly becoming a market leader in the outdoor cleaning sector and has won prestigious industry awards.

Our Mission

At Block Blitz we are passionate about the world we live in. It’s an amazing place and we want to do our bit to protect it now and for future generations.

From backgrounds in the commercial cleaning and maintenance sectors the team came together with a joint goal of producing products that would make a real difference to the look and maintenance of outdoor paved surfaces without the need for the environmentally damaging practices of jet washing and applying traditional chemicals.

Our powerful future friendly cleaning products handle tough dirt and grime with ease and harness our unique Eco Clean Technology™

We have invested in new production systems and techniques enabling us to operate a zero waste to landfill policy within all our primary manufacturing processes.

Let’s Talk Eco

We are proud of our efforts to make our product as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our packaging is recyclable and uses up to 99% less plastic than traditional products on the market. Our primary products are 100% powder and contained no liquids, consumers hydrate the products at home or on site with minimal water usage.  This makes the product very sustainable with a much-reduced impact on the environment compared to traditional cleaning liquids. Due to less packaging and no water within the product, we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint as our shipping and transport weights are massively reduced, meaning less vehicles on the road.

Environmentally friendly? Yes, we are! We take pride in the fact that our powdered products can be used safely with a low impact on the environment and contain no Petro Chemical or Fossil fuel derived ingredients.

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