Frequently Asked Questions

Is Block Blitz safe for pets?

Yes, just keep them off the area whilst treatment is in progress and until the area is fully dry. If your pets were to get any Block Blitz solution on them, you would just need to wash the area thoroughly with cold water.

What size area will it cover?

One pouch treats approximately 15 square meters, which is around 1.5 car parking spaces.

When is the best time to apply?

Block Blitz needs to be applied to dry surface on a dry day with a clear forecast for at least 24 hours. Block Blitz can be applied any time of year at a temperature range of 1-25ºC.

Will Block Blitz leave any residue?

It may leave a white residue; this is not permanent or harmful and will gradually wash away with rainfall. Do not rinse it off.

Will it cause any damage to my grass/plants in the borders around paving?

Excessive run off can cause some localised damage to the area but it does not work like a weed killer. Try to apply Block Blitz at the highest point to control any runoff.

Is it safe to use around fish ponds?

Yes, Block Blitz is not toxic towards aquatic life. Small amounts of splashed product are okay, however try to avoid any excessive runoff as this could temporarily increase the ponds pH level.

Can I use on natural stone?

You can use on natural stone; however we would recommend that you test a small inconspicuous area of the surface to be treated to check for suitability.

Will it get rid of black spot and staining?

Yes, but it may take more than one treatment. Once removed, these types of growths will not return with continued treatments.

What is the shelf life?

Block Blitz has an unlimited shelf life so it will last forever in an unopened pouch!

Is Block Blitz harmful to the environment?

Block Blitz isn’t toxic towards the environment, it quickly biodegrades and low has a low environmental impact. It contains no biocides, pesticides, herbicides or bleach.

Is Block Blitz harmful to the environment?

Block Blitz is biodegradable, eco friendly, Block Blitz isn’t toxic towards the environment. It is made from mineral and plant extracts. Contains no biocides, pesticides or bleach.

How often should I apply?

You need to apply twice a year, every 5-6 months. In the case of really bad paving or to speed up results, you could treat on day one and then retreat 4 weeks later and then start with the 5 monthly cycle.

Can I use on clean paving?

Use Block Blitz Shield on your new or already clean surfaces and you will never need to jet wash/scrub/seal again.

Do I need to weed or scrub the area first?

You don’t need to scrub first. You can use our brand new Go Weed product on your weeds alongside your Block Blitz, we would recommend using 2 weeks after your first treatment. This can be applied to spot treat weeds and the natural weed killer can be used to kill moss and weeds quickly. It is Glyphosate free. 

Block Blitz will gradually break down the dirt and debris and it will deter the weeds, we would recommend for optimum results you use Go Weed alongside your Block Blitz. 

Will Block Blitz stop weed and moss growth?

With the recommended treatment cycle of every 5 months our products will deter up to 90% weed growth and 99% moss growth. In-between treatments you can use Block Blitz Go Weed to spot treat any weed or moss growth.

Will the product fully dissolve?

Repeated bouts of stirring and letting the product sit will allow the product to fully dissolve. It is also dependent on the mains water temperature, in winter time when water temp is low it could take longer to dissolve. Some residue left in the bottom of your watering can is nothing to worry about.

Can I apply Block Blitz using a sprayer?

You can use our  Original product with a 5 litre pressure sprayer on your surfaces both vertical and horizontal. Please see the product instructions for full guidance Click here for Original Instructions

What happens if it does not rain?

The longer Block Blitz sits on your surface before rainfall, the better the results. It will rain eventually, do not be tempted to hose down with tap water as the crystalised product works best when activated by rainfall.

How long before I see results?

Block Blitz is not a one-off cleaning product. It is designed to slowly clean and protect surfaces with continued use. More ingrained dirt/grime/staining will take longer and more than one treatment to disappear depending on the level of contamination. Once gone, these will not come back and you will then use Block Blitz as a preventative as part of your outdoor maintenance programme.

What surfaces can I use Block Blitz on?

A wide range of surfaces! Block Blitz Original can be used on block paving, paving slabs, tarmac, artificial grass, gravel and decorative aggregates, decking, concrete, stone, brickwork, roofs, rendering, timber and more.

You can use our Artificial grass specific product on your artificial grass, during and immediately after application this is child and pet friendly.

If you have weeds and moss our brand new Go Weed is perfect for spot treating those areas!

If you have new or recently cleaned surfaces then you can start using Block Blitz Shield.

Commercial users, football club, cricket clubs, universities all use our Pro Products to keep areas clean.

Can you drive onto a treated surface?

Yes, you can drive your car or park your car onto the surface after application.

Is Block Blitz Shield only for new paving?

Block Blitz Shield is designed to be used on newly laid surfaces or surfaces that have gone gone through an intensive cleaning programme.

Does Block Blitz Shield seal paving?

Block Blitz Shield does not seal paving, however it forms tiny little crystals which protect the paving structure and are reactivated every time it rains. Keeping it clean without the need for sealing.

Does Block Blitz Shield change the colour of paving?

No, treated surfaces remain natural looking.

Is Block Blitz shield safe for pets?

Yes, however, we would recommend keeping pets off treated areas until surface has dried.

How often do I need to apply Block Blitz Shield?

We recommend treating surfaces twice a year.

When is best to apply?

Block Blitz Shield can be applied all year round with a temperature range of 1-25ºC.

What is the difference between Block Blitz eco and Block Blitz Pro?

Block Blitz Pro is designed to be used in a commercial environment by professional operatives.

Do you have a Safety Data Sheet for Go Weed Pro?

Yes, download the Go Weed Block Blitz Pro MSDS here.

Is there a Block Blitz service provider near me?

Who can become a service provider?

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