Multi Pave

November 11, 2021


Apply to paving slabs, tarmac, resin drives and decking

  • Self-cleaning action, no jet washing required
  • No scrubbing needed
  • Deters algae, moss and weeds for up to 6 months
  • Quick and easy to apply, no measuring
  • Dirt, grime and organic debris are washed away naturally by rainfall
  • Surfaces remain clean for up to a year
  • Includes unique UV protection

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Block Blitz Multi-Pave outdoor cleaner is a low cost, efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean and protect decking, slabs and tarmac or resin driveways.

One pouch of Multi-Pave will treat an area of 15 sqm. Simply mix with water, apply with a watering can and leave.

Used twice a year, Multi-Pave will deter up to 90% weed growth and 99% moss growth. Multi-Pave also breaks down organic debris, removing the environment in which weeds thrive.

Featuring a unique blend of mineral and plant extracts, Multi-Pave is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It’s also child and pet safe, making it ideal for home use.

Block Blitz also have dedicated products for block pavinggravel and artificial grass.

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